About The Society 


The Acimowin Opaspiw Society was formed to represent the interests of Survivors of  Residential Schools, and their descendants. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. Membership to the Society is open to all Survivors of Blue Quills and their Descendants.


The Society's mandate is to represent the Survivors of Blue Quills Residential School, with projects, initiatives and  ensuring the required resources are obtained for  implementation of:

1.     Ensuring the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions 94 calls to   Action  are acted upon               


2.     Blue Quills Residential School Survivor Support and Wellness.

         (Health &  Wellness)

3.     Truth Telling 

         (Residential School Survivor Stories, Bringing the Children Home Project)

4.     Indigenous Language and Culture Preservation 

           (Cree and Dene language reclamation classes,  Transcribing all media and documents,    Traditional knowledge keepers)

5.     Knowledge Sharing 

         ( Survivors, Elders with younger generations)

6.     Multimedia 

       (documentaries, songs, artistic expressions)

7.     Indigenous Intellectual Property Protection

       (engagements with local artists, businesses, knowledge  keepers, song 

makers on  intellectual property protection)

Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors have identified a strategic plan for the next four years, that will be in alignment with the Society's' mandate. The Society will be focused on these projects:

(Eagle Feather Wellness Plan/ Continuum, to support Survivor healing  during the Investigation and after)

       Subsurface investigation into 3 former Blue Quills Residential School Sites. 

(Cree and Dene Language classes, translation of media in Cree and Cree syllabics)

(Cultural Life Skills and Land Based Learning)

More information on all projects will be released shortly.