Tawaw (Welcome)

OCTOBER 11,2023

The Acimowin Opaspiw Society, Investigation Methodologies National Symposium, was a great success, Thank you to all of our Survivors, visiting Survivors,  cohorts community members, leadership, Round Dance singers, and all attendees,we appreciate you all! Nanaskamon

The AOS will be announcing weekly support initiatives in the coming weeks,  and  implementation of our Survivor Wellness Plan. This plan is needed to support our Survivors and their families throughout this investigation, to ensure no person is harmed by the coming information disclosures.

That being said, the AOS will be releasing our, official, and comprehensive Series 1 Report, on January 24, 2024. This report will cover the years pre-dating treaty until 1908. Subsequently, we need to ensure a comprehensive analysis is provided, for all events leading to the creation, inception, then implemented of the IRS system, on our people. Consequently,  we now know, the IRS system was created  following  the 1885 Rebellion, with our grandfathers/forefathers persecuted, blamed and punished for initiating the 1885 Rebellion,  and   their children then  descendants compelled.

The Series 1 Report will include  extensive analysis of all the data, archival information and GPR results we have been collecting, interpreting and translating,  for the past 12 months. Additionally, historical documents from the OMI, that are  a rich source of the narratives, include background of the traditional Cree ceremonies of our people. Inclusive will be narratives  directly  from Chief Sipihtakanep ( Blue Quills) dating back to 1890, when the Government illegally disposed of Okimaw Sipihtakanep, forcing a removal from Egg Lake, and his  reserve relocated to the   Snake Hills band territory, in Saddle Lake Agency.

All Blue Quills Survivors and their children, will receive invites to all events and report releases.. stay tuned.